OW – Mystery Heroes Warmup

My system was clearly suffering from both some lag and… well, loading issues. I was pondering not even keeping this footage but some of the deaths and kills are amusing, especially as I move through molasses.

Sound issues so far aren’t present, which is nice.

This footage is also clearly from after Symmetra got her turret tossing rework, just saying.

I wish my mic was better on this, but if that’s the only thing going wrong with it so far, I’ll take it.

You can see how as the match progresses though so does my computer’s performance. I really think this may have been the fault of my Internet connection now looking back on it. I needed to download all the textures/assets for some reason because they weren’t being properly stored on my computer. I know that now that our Internet service has finally been upgraded I rarely see crap like this. The joys of stepping back to last July.


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