WoW – Something in the Air

13 tries over however many days for the love rocket. Yes, I know we’re into May at this point, but I just post in order of video creation without spamming so… here we are in May and me clawing at the chance for a rocket.

Edited out are all the long waits and loading screens so it’s just pure pain of killing this trio, not getting anything, and repeating.

For the record, this footage was around 2-3 hours before editing.

It’s also obvious that these are alts sometimes. We started out with my healer monk, for instance, not yet 110 at the time. You can also see how something seems a bit off with either loading or ground collision a little bit.

You can also tell my Internet wasn’t behaving like it should as it took some time occasionally to load all of my UI. So I know on my paladin, for instance the GTFO sounds were due to loading issues.

At least there’s some free xp?

As the night wore on you could tell I was starting to get tired, I think I may have nodded off a couple times while waiting for the queue to pop.

Thank goodness for healer queue times, that’s all I have to say about that.

Spoiler: I don’t get one. I think one reason I wanted to even do this video is to play with my editing a bit more.


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