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5.2 Possible Repairs to Stormwind/Ogrimmar

The below footage from a recent PTR patch pleases me greatly: We of course don’t get to see the Park returned to its former glory, but we do get to see that the workers are now finished and off working … Continue reading

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Another Fire Festival Concluded

Maetres (Redflare) and Draconious (I) stopped to enjoy the fireworks in WoW because there really wasn’t any other way we could privately enjoy fireworks as a couple this year. I suppose that’s another sacrifice of being a parent… as is … Continue reading

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The Return of Captain Placeholder!

Can’t help but get my picture taken with the newly promoted Admiral Placeholder. The “Most Interesting Questgiver in the World”. I salute you sir, with a song from ages past.

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Beta: Epicurean’s Award

When I logged in on my mage to test the mount stuff yesterday my mage was confronted with a message saying “received Epicurean’s Award x35”. “What the heck are those?”

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Beta: New Character Creation Backgrounds

MMO-Champion has a new video of the newer character creation backgrounds.

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Here and to Stormwind Again… A Beta Monk’s Journey

Having worked through the Monk/Pandaran starting zone now I feel it’s time for a moment to consider what we’ve seen. So please, grab your favorite brew (or beverage) and come sit with me among the splendor that is a giant … Continue reading

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Druidic Lag

Occasionally there’s a bit of lag when first logging in. In the case of my wife, there’s lag no matter where she goes in Stormwind really. Usually this means her druid leaps into the air in flight form and starts … Continue reading

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