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Blogger Blitz: Shipping Wars: Tyrande and Malfurion in ‘Hotel Hijinks’

Welcome to the semifinals! This is my second time playing in Blogger Blitz and it’s an honor to have made it to the semifinal round. The premise/challenge this time is as follows: Goodness, that last round of competition was pretty … Continue reading

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Mourning of Varian

First off, we’re a ways since Legion launched, so I feel like the statute of spoilers is up by now for this one. :p We have always been Alliance players first, Horde sometimes. Varian’s death was shocking, upsetting, and a little … Continue reading

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Just Have to Ax You Something…

Redflare seems to have discovered a way to make it look like you’re swinging your weapon in combat: start fishing! A great tip for anybody who might be wanting to make a video in game… or to just Ax their … Continue reading

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Context… Or Amusing Lack Thereof

So first off, I invite you to just read this… Wait… should I be offended?

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Gamescom Reveals Mists of Pandaria Cinematic/Trailer

And without further fanfare… enjoy! -FF

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Twin Suns of Azeroth?

Redflare, while out and about on the beta stumbled upon this odd sight. Has Azeroth always had two suns? Was this just a graphical glitch? Was the moon also rising? She always catches some of the neatest pictures in game. … Continue reading

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Adrinas’ First Pet Battle

Fossilized Hatchling! I choose you!

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