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Mourning of Varian

First off, we’re a ways since Legion launched, so I feel like the statute of spoilers is up by now for this one. :p We have always been Alliance players first, Horde sometimes. Varian’s death was shocking, upsetting, and a little … Continue reading

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Just Have to Ax You Something…

Redflare seems to have discovered a way to make it look like you’re swinging your weapon in combat: start fishing! A great tip for anybody who might be wanting to make a video in game… or to just Ax their … Continue reading

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Context… Or Amusing Lack Thereof

So first off, I invite you to just read this… Wait… should I be offended?

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Gamescom Reveals Mists of Pandaria Cinematic/Trailer

And without further fanfare… enjoy! -FF

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Twin Suns of Azeroth?

Redflare, while out and about on the beta stumbled upon this odd sight. Has Azeroth always had two suns? Was this just a graphical glitch? Was the moon also rising? She always catches some of the neatest pictures in game. … Continue reading

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Adrinas’ First Pet Battle

Fossilized Hatchling! I choose you!

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