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WowInsider: Exciting Mists Druid Glyphs!

I’m so thrilled about these that I really don’t have any proper words to express myself.

Permanent tree form returning? A shape-shifting color randomizer?

Even the glyphs of Lifebloom and Fire Silence… not to mention turning yourself into a two person ‘mount’.

My list of excitement 

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Druidic Lag

Occasionally there’s a bit of lag when first logging in. In the case of my wife, there’s lag no matter where she goes in Stormwind really. Usually this means her druid leaps into the air in flight form and starts … Continue reading

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Female Pandaren Emotes/Animations


Wowinsider.com gave us an absolutely wonderful run-through of the emotes that are currently in game.

The hair… watch the hair!

Now if only my female nightelf druid was this animated… I can just imagine her braid blowing back in the hearthstone winds…


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