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OW – Comp – Temple Raided

This didn’t start well because somebody didn’t choose for a while, but once they did I was able to flip to dps from tank, so that works I suppose. Have no idea what what our DVa player was saying at … Continue reading

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OW – Comp – Dorado Calls

So after our last game of comp, this one is sure feeling good. Not a lot for me to say as I listen to our team’s chatter. Watching this does highlight to me how much of a Mercy main I … Continue reading

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OW – QP – Tower Defense

Hard to say too much about this match because I simply enjoyed rewatching it and listening to everyone myself. Huh, I was quite a few different healers on this match. -FF

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OW – Team Deathmatch With a Side of Mystery

Heh, Baptiste is now in the game at this point, so we’re starting to catch up, that’s for sure. It is late March 2019 when this recording was made I suppose. I didn’t keep the Baptiste footage since it was … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Shields Up On the Moon & Bastion Invasions

Watching this one, because there was a bathroom break (clipped out) and noticed we really need a ‘ready’ button when in group, just to let everyone know so the group leader can start searching again. Yes, there’s mention of snow … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Airborne Route #BlameNoodles

We’ll all take to the air, that’ll move the payload for sure! 😉 So this Noodles player we just kept running into during our string of No Limits. Clearly playing their main, so everything at this point becomes Noodles’ fault. … Continue reading

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OW – QP – Rialto Attack

Oh, hey, there’s my highlight from yesterday! I wonder how that managed to get put out of order from the match that spawned it? Wasn’t an overly impressive match. The team never really congealed to push the payload. At least … Continue reading

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