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HS – Tavern Brawl

Not ever sure at this point what tavern brawl it was. :p Looks like I was hiding in the dining room with my phone to play this match. I certainly wasn’t talkative on this one. :p -FF Advertisements

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WoWHead Brings the Glyphs

Wowhead has an amazing spread of the cosmetic glyphs that are coming to the game. These are items like the impressive hunter glyph of fireworks. The other one that immediately jumps out at me is the glyph of zen flight. Monk flight … Continue reading

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Music: Ninja Raiders

The last couple of weeks have had their fill of the melancholy and memories. It’s time to pick things back up with a fun, silly song. What’s interesting about this one is that most of the “problems” highlighted in this … Continue reading

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Hunter Glyph… of Fireworks

This looks like a… blast. Pardon the pun.

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Mists: Hunter Talk!

I hate it when I’m basically reblogging, but my hunter is likely not going to make it to 85 before Mists hits so these beasts will be out of my reach for a while yet. To that end, I’ll offer … Continue reading

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Warcraft Avengers Assemble!

So… which class would the Avengers be if they were in Warcraft?

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This is a great captured clip of the new Hunter ability Stampede in action on the beta. Much appreciation to the original poster, Brackorable since I don’t have a hunter high enough to enjoy the pure dps destruction this brings.


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