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It’s Getting Hot in Here…

… or is that just me? Wait… do you guys smell something burning? OMG!? WTF?! PUTMEOUTPUTMEOUTPUTMEOUT!

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WoWHead Brings the Glyphs

Wowhead has an amazing spread of the cosmetic glyphs that are coming to the game. These are items like the impressive hunter glyph of fireworks. The other one that immediately jumps out at me is the glyph of zen flight. Monk flight … Continue reading

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WoWinsider: On Warlock Tanking

Behold! The warlock tank! Okay… maybe not. In this WoWInsider article the warlock WoWinsider columnist gave us a great insight into what is on its way in the beta for warlocks. First off, I’m thrilled to see that voidwalker threat … Continue reading

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Hunter Glyph… of Fireworks

This looks like a… blast. Pardon the pun.

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Druidic News From the Web

We have two new things to check out about Mists that makes my druid look very good.

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WowInsider: Exciting Mists Druid Glyphs!

WowInsider: Exciting Mists Druid Glyphs!

I’m so thrilled about these that I really don’t have any proper words to express myself.

Permanent tree form returning? A shape-shifting color randomizer?

Even the glyphs of Lifebloom and Fire Silence… not to mention turning yourself into a two person ‘mount’.

My list of excitement 

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