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How to Play Your Shipyard

This tongue and cheek take on the shipyard was highly appreciated so I thought I should share it. After dispatching my first ships I haven’t gone back to see if they were destroyed yet. Honestly it’s been something to cause … Continue reading

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Improving Garrison Alts (Q&A Reaction)

I posted this on the game forums too but I wanted to get it out here.   Reading a Q&A liveblog provided by Blizzard Watch: Q: Draenor seems focused on the one-character playstyle, damaging alts and burning people out with … Continue reading

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Making Garrisons Alt Friendly

I was pondering what Blizzard might need to do to make garrisons more alt friendly. The biggest issue they really should fix are the blueprints. If you’ve learned it on one character, you’ve learned it on all of them. With … Continue reading

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Wowed Daily Tracker

This is quite awesome actually. Here, have a quick and easy way, thanks to your fellow community members, to know exactly what is in the garrisons (or available given I seem to get Marudin at a very high rate). Go … Continue reading

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The Fall of the Architect

Doing a quick reactionary video of the Warlords quest chain that, (spoilers!) ends with the demise of somebody in your garrison. -FF

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Music: All About My Base

Given how much time I spend in game on my garrisons (yes, that’s plural) since I’m an altoholic this one resonated with me a lot. Now if I could only get out there and actually level these six alts… I haven’t … Continue reading

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Missing Follower NPC in 6.1

Wowinsider offered this post yesterday to excite us more for garrisons in 6.1. What do I think? Honestly, I don’t see myself using it much unless I’m hunting for a specific ability that I know I can get from a … Continue reading

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