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Music: Part of Your Guild

Can’t pass up a chance at a Disney reference! They did an excellent job and there’s really not anything further to add. The kids quite appreciated it. One even asked me if it was the original voice actress that was … Continue reading

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Music: I Kissed An Orc… And I Liked It

This is just a fun song and movie all around… and makes me want to go track down some Mulgore Chapstick. 😉 -FF

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Music: Ninja Raiders

The last couple of weeks have had their fill of the melancholy and memories. It’s time to pick things back up with a fun, silly song. What’s interesting about this one is that most of the “problems” highlighted in this … Continue reading

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Beta: Epicurean’s Award

When I logged in on my mage to test the mount stuff yesterday my mage was confronted with a message saying “received Epicurean’s Award x35”. “What the heck are those?”

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