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“Tradition of Cooking” Item Set

Wowhead dug out some new cooking items in the latest beta patch. This patch was huge. I’m still downloading the 20GB so no screenshots today possibly. In the meantime though, we can enjoy the sight of cooking themed item set while … Continue reading

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More Flippable Table Details

So the flippable table was datamined earlier and now WoWinsider has more details about it.

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Nomi the Cooking Apprentice

The amazing fishing site El’s Anglin’ offers us an insight into some of the cooking dailies of Mists.

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The Way of the Chef: MMO-Champion Reveals Further Cooking Dailies

MMO Champion digs up some more great profession information in a recent post about the beta. I’ve always enjoyed the cooking dailies. My druid has the chef’s hat from Dalaran along with all of the city dailies.

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Beta: Epicurean’s Award

When I logged in on my mage to test the mount stuff yesterday my mage was confronted with a message saying “received Epicurean’s Award x35”. “What the heck are those?”

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