OW – Arcade – Kicking In

We almost did another comp match but then Swordagent’s connection got iffy so we switched to Lucioball instead.

My voice is a little out of sync with the video, but I liked watching this match enough that I don’t care.

First match: the almost goal at the end is priceless.

Second match: I think our opponents gave up at a certain point, probably after an epic across the field score.

Third match: We were backfill into a game with 15 seconds left.


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OW – Comp Aug 2018 – Hello Hollywood

Another opening match where we just start communicating from the beginning. Love that.

Surprisingly not much to say about this match. Half tempted to leave it out of the rotation, but I also didn’t dislike watching it so I’ll leave it.


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OW – August Hanamura Comp 2018

The audio starts going full garble, I think this might have been the editor I’m using this time rather than the video this time… it’s not too bad yet. I forget that these larger overwatch files seem to do that slowly as I work with it.

The match starts up with us talking about the skirmish we just came from after a false start match where a player left before the game even started.

Watching this clip as Mercy I’m realizing that the breast cancer awareness skin I’ve been using for long has a distinctive sound for when a target is full that has actually helped me become a better Mercy player. I depend on that magical ding sound so I can either switch to damage boost or another player to heal.

Otherwise, these two matches were really smooth and enjoyable. It’s always nice when the team communicates.


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OW – August 2018 Comp Again

As I start watching this footage I see we’re bronze (Swordagent and I) and that the team actually starts out communicating… at least one of them.

This is where Sword gets a play of the game, but my favorite part is probably near the 12:50 minute mark when he sends DVA flying across the way.


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OW – Bonus – Playing in Traffic

Between the last mystery heroes and comp starting we got caught in a skirmish that lasted a couple minutes.

Rewatching this a chuckled again, so why not clip it out and share it by itself?


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OW – Arcade – Mystery Heroes Holding

Things start out a little jittery as they usually do when playing Overwatch, but I’ve noticed with my newer Internet that games played recently compared to games played late last summer (like this one) do load faster. I look forward to when we get to that footage.


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OW – POTG – Junkrat Dropping In

Really the title says it all.


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