OW – QP – Moira on Route 66

Time to try out Moira for my first time in quick play. I’m still not sure why when playing OW my own mic isn’t picked up well when it’s picked up well elsewhere. I’d assume it’s OBS on my Mac vs Plays.tv on PC.

Supposedly the sound (or lack thereof) is my fault due to settings. I guess next time I sit with it I’ll take a closer look.

Watching the video itself, I can see how I’m not properly using some of Moira’s abilities though, especially her shift move one. This is why I’m in quick play rather than competitive though.

Supposedly the sound desync can be fixed with an app called ‘Handbrake’ too. The entire reason I use Plays is because OBS on my PC doesn’t detect the webcam, which clearly works or else Plays wouldn’t see it. Perhaps I’ll just give up on using a webcam, maybe entirely if I can’t get it to work on PC. I’d rather have good, quality sound rather than a webcam.

Heh, this turned into a bit of a rant about Plays.tv. Oops. The game itself and playing Moira felt great (which you can’t hear my reaction on the video) but otherwise it was a straightforward match.


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Redirect: Repping with Leashes – Highmountain Tribe

A new Repping with Leashes is live!

Click on over!


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OW – Arcade – Yeti Hunt

Time to change gears and try out the new Yeti Hunt off in the arcade! In real time it’s been a few weeks since the last recording, which brought us from around Thanksgiving to closer to Christmas.

I had no idea what was going on, but it was… ‘cool’ to see a win my first time in this mode.


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WoW – PvP – Isle of Conquest

Superman asked to join us on the last BG. Hard to resist him, so here we are… probably one of our least favorite maps that we can’t exclude since we’ve already knocked out Alterac Valley and I can’t recall what the other one is that we avoid like the plague.

First time I’ve gotten to break out the “demon hunter” tag for the site. That’s thanks to Superman’s 110, who he leveled all on his own.

With Superman in the room with us too the other littles followed him in though, so I had to blur the video at one point due to the toddler.


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WoW – PvP – Warsong Gulch

And Swordagent runs the flag with three healers on his back. What could go wrong?

I’m also enjoying the Littles playing in the background in the other room getting picked up on the mic.

It’s clearly an active, happy weekend afternoon in our home. 🙂


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WoW – PvP Arathi Basin

In with Swordagent on his warrior as we dive into Arathi Basin this time.

He’s not an avid pvper but he does join us from time to time but we often do well when we have him. Two healers and a fury warrior. Hard to beat that combination.


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Heroes Raynor Run and Lootboxes

TJ is in the background talking to some friends on Skype while I’m running around as a Raynor in what looks like quickplay MP. Otherwise it’s a pretty straightforward and enjoyable match, so I’ll let the video speak for itself.

The lootboxes themselves weren’t as many as I sometimes open so that’s why I’m not dedicating a post to them on their own. Especially since I actually recorded one of my Heroes runs this time.

There’s one cool highlight, especially since I got it out of the wrong holiday lootbox, but you’ll have to see that for yourselves.


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