No Man’s Sky – Gek Bartering

First things first in the new system, let’s unload stuff!

Really that’s about it on this one. Oops.


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No Man’s Sky – Building Warp

So now I’m stuck on this planet, with a blueprint, but no idea how to proceed. Guess it’s time to look on the trader maybe?

All right, so that was easier than I expected because I’d accidentally stockpiled the right items to make a new warp cell. Cool.

I just arrived a foreign planet and system. Of course I’m going to ignore the “awakenings” prompt and explore a little bit!

My curiosity is rewarded by finding a rich deposit of gold.

With the harvesting I was able to do I made some upgrades for my multitool too!


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No Man’s Sky – To Warp!

So I finally manage to warp, and then I end up with something loudly beeping at me and a “hostile scan detected.”


We’ll avoid you by just going inside the space outpost. I hadn’t even noticed that they shot at me.


And then on the space outpost they give me a new multitool? What in the world is up with these guys?

You know, maybe it’s not me, maybe this game is just loud.

After chilling on the space outpost I realize that where they actually want me to go is a planet, so after comparing some ships and realizing how I’ll eventually upgrade my ship I blast off again.

By the end of it I at least have some new blueprints, and no idea how to use them.


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No Man’s Sky – Lost in Nav Maps

Ending right where the last one began, we’re in the air and it’s time to see what’s up with the hyperdrive… eventually.

Found a supply of Thamium, couldn’t really ignore that.

Then it was time for me to figure out how the galaxy map works. :p

Some of these things really need a better explanation. I did learn firsthand here that space is huge though. I left the whole thing in, uncut, more as a bit of a con to this game. It’d been quite a joy up to this point, but as you can see, I lost a bit of time just trying to go somewhere.

I don’t know, maybe for most it was intuitive. It wasn’t for me.


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No Man’s Sky – Back To Spaaaaace!

And I still need to try and remember to lower the volume of the game while recording… can barely hear myself.

At least NMS has some good background music.

Have to start with refreshing myself on how this game even works. At least last time around I clearly had just scouted out a drop pod, so that was nice.

And then in our wanderings we find a shelter!

I really need to work on speaking louder it seems, which is annoying, but since I’m playing by myself I’m probably mumbling to myself more than actually talking to the camera.

Something I really appreciate about this game is how distracting it can be.

Here I am, searching for one particular element, but oh look, there’s a shelter to explore! I also cringe at my lack of finding my hyperdrive at first for instance.


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OW-Highlight-Turreting Torb

Sometimes I’m just not sure on the logic of the highlights. I think this was because the turret kills Ana, then I survive Winston and do some dps on him and he dies shortly after to Pharah, but I’m just not sure.

I mostly kept it because it’s rare that I’m even playing Torb.


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OW-Highlight-Junkrat Aggro

Let’s just push in as hard and fast as we can and see what happens.


Death everywhere.


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