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Mario Kart – Weekend Karting Karma

I like this one because it starts with an oof and ends with a “yay”. Weekend karting karma. #MK8D #NintendoSwitch — FlameFlash (@flameflash) May 15, 2018 And yes, this is a nice indication of how far behind I am … Continue reading

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OW – Highlight – Timeout Time

Reinhardt puts everyone in the corner for a time out. -FF

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OW – POTG – No Tanks!

Swordagent recovers and turns around to decimate both a Rein and a Mercy. If it wasn’t for that Mei ice wall I wonder how many more would have fallen to his aim. -FF

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OW – Season 8 Placement 7

This was clearly the last match of the night if we start off impersonating Kermit. I think the sound is slightly out of sync again. Here’s where the clip from my perspective when we had the POTG with their Roadhog … Continue reading

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Redirect: Repping with Leashes – Highmountain Tribe

A new Repping with Leashes is live! Click on over! -FF

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HS – Costume Arena 2 – Deck Building and Round 1

Not sure what happened to some of the footage of arena 1, but we’ll get all of costume arena 2! Staring with Round 1 and building the deck! I didn’t say much during it, so I just muted it. You … Continue reading

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OW – Ana Junkenstein Run 2

I totally blame my getting stuck with Ana this time on the loading screen not triggering quickly for some reason. I had a super polite McCree on this run. Regularly thanking for heals. That was quite nice. One thing I … Continue reading

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