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Patch 6.1 Hits Feb 24

Are you prepared? I’m probably most looking forward to the pet battle free level 25 that isn’t mentioned here and working toward gaining the legendary follower. It will be interesting to see what all my blood elves look like with … Continue reading

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Music: Blood Elf Druid

From the talented singer who brought us “there’s a zombie on my lawn” comes “Blood Elf Druid”. It’s a fun song that encourages RP and consideration of WoW lore. Her voice, by the way, is also featured in game by … Continue reading

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Music: The Craft of War: Blind

You really can’t have a music series on a blog without mentioning this one. Couldn’t find a way to properly give a Vimeo embed so here is a ported youtube version. The proper credit should go to the creator so … Continue reading

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Music: The Story 2 – Fix You

This is a fairly emotional month for me always. As mentioned on the main site, my first son’s birthday was last Friday. I lost my father on Father’s Day… I moved away from my girlfriend (though she is now my … Continue reading

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Beta: New Character Creation Backgrounds

MMO-Champion has a new video of the newer character creation backgrounds.

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