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Legion Maining and Crafting

So I’ve seen some talk about folks either sticking with their current main in Legion or switching. We are getting a new class after all. Then there’s the question of professions as well. I feel like my Legion leveling plan … Continue reading

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Improving Garrison Alts (Q&A Reaction)

I posted this on the game forums too but I wanted to get it out here.   Reading a Q&A liveblog provided by Blizzard Watch: Q: Draenor seems focused on the one-character playstyle, damaging alts and burning people out with … Continue reading

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Making Garrisons Alt Friendly

I was pondering what Blizzard might need to do to make garrisons more alt friendly. The biggest issue they really should fix are the blueprints. If you’ve learned it on one character, you’ve learned it on all of them. With … Continue reading

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Missing Follower NPC in 6.1

Wowinsider offered this post yesterday to excite us more for garrisons in 6.1. What do I think? Honestly, I don’t see myself using it much unless I’m hunting for a specific ability that I know I can get from a … Continue reading

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And the Preorder Itself

Clearly I restarted writing on the blog at just the right time. Yesterday we had the cinematic advertising the boost service… and now we get it! Along with the preorders! So what else do you get with your boost?

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Tiller Farming With OCD

I don’t know about you, but I like to get the most out of my gaming time. While I enjoy the Tillers’ farm minigame and resource gathering aspect I’ve also done my best, now at exalted, to handle 16 plots … Continue reading

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Gathering No Longer Needs Tools!

That’s right. Every gathering profession is now on an equal playing field. So get out there, clear some bag space, and start gathering! Better yet, don’t leave the skinning knife at home just yet… if you keep it on you … Continue reading

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Mounts of the Mists

Wowhead did an amazing job of organizing and showing off all the new mounts on their way in Mists. (Not to mention the new RAF mount you can grab now at your convenience.) Finally seeing all of the jewelcrafting panthers … Continue reading

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“Tradition of Cooking” Item Set

Wowhead dug out some new cooking items in the latest beta patch. This patch was huge. I’m still downloading the 20GB so no screenshots today possibly. In the meantime though, we can enjoy the sight of cooking themed item set while … Continue reading

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More Flippable Table Details

So the flippable table was datamined earlier and now WoWinsider has more details about it.

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