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OW – Arcade – Solo Mysteries Deepening

The curse of making sure videos are always around the 15 minute mark is that sometimes we catch the tail end of games when I marathon string them together like this. I’m perfectly happy with leaving a video on a … Continue reading

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Fortnite/OW – Battlestar Diving and Driving With Overwatch Storms Rising

So Swordagent and I finished our week 1 (of Chapter 9) and went in for a duo to get the star from the week. I also went basically full random with my appearance… if you couldn’t tell. The information wasn’t … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Storm Rising Tracer

If I remember correctly, TJ and I go in to try and get the achievement of playing as each character in this event. Certainly explains why I’m Tracer. I’m highly amused and annoyed that I most definitely  had my mic … Continue reading

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OW – Mystery Numbani and a Deathmatch

We’re off to go harass the enemy mystery team! Then they turned around and returned the favor. I like how you can tell how well my RNG luck is by looking at how many characters I end up tagging on … Continue reading

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OW – Rialto Mystery Defense and Attack

I actually managed to hold my own for a bit as Tracer. I’m surprised. And then I’m Hanzo… oh goody. At least that didn’t last long. Then as Rein I do a lot better, though I end up as Doomfist … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – McCreed Trace Ball

So the first match, as you can tell, was full of McCrees and laughter. The second match started with a lot of monkey business versus a lot of Tracers. That didn’t end well so we started switching to other heroes… … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – 66 Mystery Push

Starting out as the walking turret this time. Neat. Got to play the payload train game for a short bit of time at least. Okay, this one was pretty funny because I ended up as Widowmaker for a spell and … Continue reading

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