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OW – Panda Deathmatches

Here we go again into the chaos of a free for all! I really don’t think this needs any more introduction than that. -FF

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OW – Mystery Numbani and a Deathmatch

We’re off to go harass the enemy mystery team! Then they turned around and returned the favor. I like how you can tell how well my RNG luck is by looking at how many characters I end up tagging on … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Nepal Mystery Time

So this one starts out rougher because, well, I’m Tracer. :p The next two? I’m glad I got healers. The first point was rough but close. I think we probably did our best. What was worse was that at the … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Tower Mystery

This match did not start out well for me. First Torb, then Mei. Finally I ended up as Bastion so I was able to be marginally more useful. It was oddly a pretty fast match. That works though. This was … Continue reading

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OW – Bonus – Playing in Traffic

Between the last mystery heroes and comp starting we got caught in a skirmish that lasted a couple minutes. Rewatching this a chuckled again, so why not clip it out and share it by itself? -FF

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OW – Mystery Heroes Warmup

My system was clearly suffering from both some lag and… well, loading issues. I was pondering not even keeping this footage but some of the deaths and kills are amusing, especially as I move through molasses. Sound issues so far … Continue reading

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OW – Quick Play – Dorado Defense

I started with a harassment as Torb for the fun of it. After dying via a very angry DVa it was time to change. A full change of scenery. I’m never Mei. I had fun as Mei. The banter continues … Continue reading

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