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OW – Highlight – Ranged Rapid Fire

I’m clearly not hitting the broad side of a barn, but it was nice connecting with the long range Bastion, realizing I had him, and then finishing him off. -FF Advertisements

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OW – Highlight – Mercy Interrupted

I had to include this one just because of how rare it is for me to play Hanzo in the first place. To be the cruel interruption of a rez? Well, as a Mercy player, I know how truly cruel … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Rialto Mystery

My Ana held out for a while, my Reaper not so much, and then my Hanzo surprisingly did pretty well until I got ganged up on. Not a happy close to the mystery hero run, but it was still fun. … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Oasis Mystery

It’s always a good sign for me when I start as a healer rather than somebody I’m accustomed to. How it turns out in practice? Well, that’s usually another story. I think what shocks me the most about this match … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Hanamura Mystery

After restarting it was time to test it out again. Maybe our Internet connection was just unstable there at the beginning but it was running smoother than it had before. My performance as Roadhog? I can’t hook a thing for … Continue reading

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OW – Volskyia Arcade

I have no idea about Reaper’s transporter capabilities. Or his aiming capabilities. :p Otherwise it’s a good match to sit back and watch without me writing anything about it. -FF

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OW – Arcade – Mystery Heroes

Really got lucky and pulled Junkrat… and then I literally stepped right into it. So much for my Junkrat joy. For this one, I’ve tagged all the characters I ended up seeing. It was some nicely relaxed chaos. -FF

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