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WoW Bonus! Honor Prestige Level 2

Time to see what these prestige pvp ranks are all about. It’s my first time Anduin, be kind. -FF

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5.2 Possible Repairs to Stormwind/Ogrimmar

The below footage from a recent PTR patch pleases me greatly: We of course don’t get to see the Park returned to its former glory, but we do get to see that the workers are now finished and off working … Continue reading

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Another Fire Festival Concluded

Maetres (Redflare) and Draconious (I) stopped to enjoy the fireworks in WoW because there really wasn’t any other way we could privately enjoy fireworks as a couple this year. I suppose that’s another sacrifice of being a parent… as is … Continue reading

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The Return of Captain Placeholder!

Can’t help but get my picture taken with the newly promoted Admiral Placeholder. The “Most Interesting Questgiver in the World”. I salute you sir, with a song from ages past.

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Beta: Epicurean’s Award

When I logged in on my mage to test the mount stuff yesterday my mage was confronted with a message saying “received Epicurean’s Award x35”. “What the heck are those?”

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Beta: New Character Creation Backgrounds

MMO-Champion has a new video of the newer character creation backgrounds.

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