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Brewfest’s Return (Weak Auras Help String)

So as I was racing my Ram around near Ironforge it hit me that I’m lacking a good and easy way to track how much longer I have and if I’m pushing my ram too hard. Wonder what it looks … Continue reading

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Warlock WeakAuras Strings

So I had a hard time finding somebody who put one of these out. I found some, but they just didn’t “do it” for me. So here I am again, making another WeakAuras similar to my Feral Druid. First off, … Continue reading

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Making Garrisons Alt Friendly

I was pondering what Blizzard might need to do to make garrisons more alt friendly. The biggest issue they really should fix are the blueprints. If you’ve learned it on one character, you’ve learned it on all of them. With … Continue reading

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Feral Druid Weak Auras String

My son just recently got to 100 and he’s been joining me in Highmaul as I finish up my questing for the ring. I haven’t been a feral druid in ages, so I was having a little trouble helping him … Continue reading

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Tiller Farming With OCD

I don’t know about you, but I like to get the most out of my gaming time. While I enjoy the Tillers’ farm minigame and resource gathering aspect I’ve also done my best, now at exalted, to handle 16 plots … Continue reading

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5.1 Strikes! Pet Battle System Addon Updates

So now that 5.1 has hit and all the update dust is settling from the websites (okay, so most addons are still probably not up to date and you’re frantically checking around, I get that) what addons were perhaps outdated … Continue reading

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