OW – No Limits – Invisible Characters

This one clearly started out rough. Not sure if it was my connection or just that it didn’t want to load game textures at all, not sure.

I did manage to get a kill while I couldn’t see anything, so I feel pretty good about that.

After the first minute characters finally started loading so off I went as DVa… to die.

This was the same day as the Fortnite matches so there’s a few times that I have to mute as I encourage the kids to head back to their beds. Guess they had too much fun and didn’t want the day to end. 🙂

I enjoy my attempt at being sneaky once I could finally see things. The ninja Brig trick almost worked it looks like.

After that match on this video I roll right into a fill slot for another match so that was nicely disorienting. At least it was some free XP?

My first mistake on this last match was clearly choosing Ana as I tried to heal hamsters and ice walls.


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