Super Mario Multiverse – An Anniversary of All-Stars

With as old as Mario is, and the video game industry being what it is, of course Super Mario All-Stars would get a “limited edition/25th Anniversary Edition” for the Wii when the timing was just right.

My compatriots among “The Well-Red Mage” ( community are already covering the game itself so I’d like to take a moment to celebrate how well Nintendo did at honoring the 25th anniversary itself.

I’ll simply say this: if you want the best version of any of the Mario NES classics, the SNES rendition found in this collection will always come out as my top recommendation. The graphics, sound, and package quality at the time of the SNES made it a must have for young me and I’m still pining after a re-release on the Switch of All-Stars.

In case you’re unfamiliar with what was in the package though, I did find a highlight trailer:

Or we could go back to the packaging box, because this has one of those rare ‘open out’ flaps held closed with velcro!

And just for the sake of documentation, we’ll throw in the back of the box too, though the coolest part is either the front or the fact that it has the open out flap. Clearly ten years ago I was a little too eager to get the tape off the top of the box.

So if you watched the trailer you already know what’s in here, but let’s take a little closer look with a case cover that will immediately trigger a millennial gamer or older’s nostalgia alarm.

The first thing is a Mario soundtrack CD and art highlight booklet.

Not only does this soundtrack include the classics that still get stuck in my head to this day like the original Mario Bros overworld theme…

But it also includes sound effects like the iconic coin collection, 1UP, and game over sounds. They’re already wonderfully bite sized and ready for you to possibly convert to MP3 and make into notification sounds for your phone.

So as not to risk any copywrite angering, let’s take a look at a couple of key pages from the book for review purposes. 😉

One of my favorite items in the book was the timeline, taking us through the twenty-five years that had passed and highlighting all of the game and console releases.

On the back of the book we have something slightly similar with a larger set of images of key game covers.

Naturally, what’s a history book without highlighting some of the products that have been inspired by Mario over the years too though?

The one on the righta lmost looks like a proto-amiibo. I know I once had that Nintendo Power Mario 2 copy, same with the Mario World poster. A lot probably got destroyed when my mom’s basement flooded a few years ago. Goes to show that you shouldn’t let your old space be storage for stuff you feel is important I suppose.

Last but not least, we have the game case art for the disc itself.

Personally I still really miss the booklets that used to come with games. Was the Wii the last console that did that with their games? Pretty sure it was.

They did their best to think of every possible controller combination for us. We could either plug a classic controller into a Wii Remote or a GameCube controller straight into the Wii itself.

As of writing this (December 2019) it makes me wonder and hope that we’ll get something grand for Mario’s anniversary, but perhaps we’re making it ourselves this year with this project too.

If you stumble across a copy of All-Stars though, and you don’t have one yet. Either the original release or this version will do a great job of satisfying that Mario platforming itch.


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