PC – Dauntless – Rock Hunting and Owlbear Vengeance

Transitioning right after the last one to part two of hunting this rock monster.

We don’t have long to wait until we find it again though.

After the fight there’s a lot of deleted footage of me helping the little two upgrade their gear and equip things that are stronger so the whole group benefits from the next hunt.

Hehe, at one point I almost walk backward off the edge of the map. Oops. I’d been kind of wondering what would happen. Nice to know it saves us from yeeting ourselves.

At some point in the fight Swordagent’s session locked up and he was disconnected which is highly unfortunate. It wouldn’t let him rejoin us either.

This guy was a really hard fight for us still.

Actually didn’t seem to do much upgrading for me after completing it. Mostly completed a quest which then triggered a few other quests and that was that.


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