PC – Dauntless Ice and Fire Hunting

I’m chuckling at my Dauntless noob-ness a little bit because there I go, to the hunt pass guy, and I don’t actually claim the rewards. I just say hello and move on.

I edited out where I opened his dialogue yet again to try and figure it out before moving on.

Oh well.

Then I get lost in the UI of the weapon smith and alchemy. Accepted some quests…

Now remember, this is May 2019, so the UI has changed a bit since then.

Then it was time to go attack some kind of an ice beast! Us running around on the island before we find it is mostly at 3x speed.

This guy was neat. Ice armor. Bat adds. Already felt like I was doing more damage than the first boss too thanks to the little bit of gear that had been crafted.

After the hunt, Swordagent starts getting curious about the game, so off I go to show him a bit of the UI and the crafting systems.

As I run around I’m talking to him about the game too since he’s going through the tutorial near the end of this video.

I like how the music changes once you find the beast.

Now that we’re all gathered at the beast, given the time on the video, I’ll let the fight start with tomorrow’s episode.


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