Fortnite – Season 9ering

I was clearly diving for one particular challenge and then shocked at how easy said challenge was.

“Hark!” About a minute in I hear somebody else come in for a landing, think I’m safe, and then find a shotgun blast hitting me in the face.

Oh well, time to queue up again.

The next round I’m joined by the kids for a squad run. Thank goodness for editing, it took a while for Newbie to sign into Fortnite while here it looks like we just jump right into the next match as a team.

Due to the nature of Fortnite these are going to run similar to the last Fortnite matches where we roll from match to match once we hit the 15 minute mark, especially since on most of these we’re going in to complete challenges and see what other chaos we can bring as we do… like Swordagent falling off the map rather than landing?

Really neat seeing a reboot card in full action on this set of matches though. Swordagent saved us all.

This is also where I’m barely missed by a rocket, that was awesome to see. I didn’t appreciate it when playing as I was too busy trying to shoot a person with just a pistol.

Some great matches and this one even ends after that squad match very cleanly.


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