PC – Fortnite – Season 9 Continues

Cutting right from the footage from yesterday we roll into the end of this rumble nearing the end. Then it’s time to look at the tier up items that I earned (after replacing my mouse batteries, hence the fading in and out.)

After that it’s time for another team rumble!

This is met with massive irony around the 4:14 mark if anybody is curious when the action starts picking up slightly.

I muted a couple spots because a phone call came in (that we ignored) but if you’re wondering why there are dead silence spots around the 5:30 mark, that’s why… also probably why I died so fast there. :p

(Yes, I’m going to blame that.)

It’s strange watching this footage because the rumbles these days go to 100 rather than 150. I think I preferred the 150 over the 100 even though that made for longer matches now that I’m watching this over again.

What this tells me though, is that the boom bow is and was my best weapon and I hope it comes back to the game very soon.

The next match was super quick, so we’ll tack it on the end of this one, probably because our last match went from rumble to legendary everything and most of the time was spent running around visiting sky platforms.


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