HS – April 2019 Stream – Collection Updating

I’m glad this is now on the editing floor, first thing that got cut? Two minutes of HS loading because it loaded slowly and I didn’t say or do anything during that time.

Clearly still a streaming noob. :/

Yes, I came to year of the dragon late. Don’t mind me, just liberally clipping out dead sound or speeding up those pieces.

It’s clearly been a while since I was in HS so it looks like I started out just going through marking all the new cards as not new. At least my mic isn’t muted on this one.

Looks like I do mention my fans, the mic was picking them up, so I ran a limiter filter on the audio of this video before I started editing it. You may have to turn the volume up to really pick things up.

Around the 2:20 mark is where I start going to open packs if anyone wants to skip to that point. Don’t worry, unless I say something, I speed those bits up too. These are mostly cards that I’m unfamiliar with so I end up commenting on some of them as I get them.

Not to worry, after a bit I just start opening without commenting so things speed up. it’s amazing what editing can do.

I don’t think I had my new microphone yet at this point either now that I think about it.

Once the packs are open it’s time to try and convert some older decks to standard.


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