Switch – Cheap Cheap Dodgers

Starting off right where we left off we get smacked around pretty heavily by the cheap cheaps jumping up this section of the river.

Based on the penguin chasing minigame I think Thunderer was probably Peach, Superman was Mario, and Newbie was Rosealina.

I enjoy the fact that the second mini-game involves even more cheap cheaps given we’re already getting beaten senseless by the darn fish. Our chance for revenge I guess.

There times I wish I could capture their voices as we play these, but I really don’t want to have to also edit out them saying everyone’s names a ton. The cart carrying third minigame I’m sure would have been entertaining to listen to. Watching this makes me want to try playing with my oldest kids rather than my youngest just to see how fast we could get through it.

You can see in the upper-right the map of the previous routes we’ve tried, so we’ve gone on this thing at least twice before. The yellow trail, slowly creeping to the upper right of the small course map shows the route we’re currently on while the white trails show what we’ve already tried.

I can still hear their yells as we approach that last +3 token though.


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