Switch – Poisoned Waters Revenge Party

After the last time, we better power up differently before charging into the level right?

We’ll see how this goes. What I get to enjoy is the fact that with it being so long since April 16th with this video was made I get to watch things play out without remembering it well.

For another example, I expected Mario Party when I started editing based on the name of the file. Maybe at some point we switch games, but it’s sure not Mario Party right now!

Of course, I say that, and then we do put in Mario Party. I swear I didn’t know that as I was watching and writing this!

Naturally as we transition over I’m Luigi again. I think Newbie is Rosalina. Meanwhile we have to wait for the Superman and Thunderer to settle on a character. It takes a bit so I fade there. :p Eventually they settle on Mario and Peach.

Discussion of which mode we’re even going to play ensues, so I cut it to when we actually start in on one. This is probably close to our first time on the raft? I’m not sure. We turn down the instructions so it’s not the very first.

I really like this mode because it’s us all working as a team, and with little ones, that’s immensely valuable. Do we play the other modes? Yes. It teaches sportsmanship, but sometimes as a parent you don’t want to listen to the frustration of loss.


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