Heroes Storming Daily Curses

We start this one off with a random lootbox opening, and because that’s all there is I thought I’d just throw it on the front of the next video which actually transitions us into a Heroes of the Storm match already in progress.

Why not?

Looks like I’m partnered with Swordagent, Nailfury and Snowprincess in this match too so maybe what we did is after the last OW deathmatch session, which ended with some of them being unable to reconnect, we flipped over to Heroes?

This was recorded on the same day as those OW matches so it seems likely.

I’d also assume everybody picked a character that fulfilled one of their daily quests, because I don’t think I’d normally pick the guy I was driving (yes, I typically play support in Heroes too.)

Okay, now that the transition is explained, it looks like we’re on that curse of the raven lord map so why not mix everything together for the name of this post? Pretty sure we’re going versus AI for the match.


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