Warcraft – Kul Tiran Unlock Part 3 – Assembling the Crew

With the wood cleansed I’m summoned back to the boat slip. The last segment was hitting my 15 minute mark so I went ahead and ended it on that note. They really do build a lot of unneeded travel time into some of these quests, don’t they? Basically taking a flight point from one corner of Kul Tiras to the other. Wasn’t sure which would be longer, the load screen from a hearth and then the flight or just a flight. I think it would have been the load screen plus flight.

Of course, after landing I’m clearly distracted with something on a different screen so have to give it a moment before actually riding off to continue the Kul Tiran stuff.

A little annoying to fly all the way here only to be sent back to Boralus. Oh well, with the miracle of editing we can get right back in the action. 😉 Especially since we’re all over the place anyway for this last leg.

Tiffin’s Melody joins us on the sea. Have to watch to find out why I chose that one. 😉

In the end, I was glad I recorded this.


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