Fortnite – Squad Scavenger Hunts

I’m pretty sure I’m not a fan of the ‘challenges’ that involve finding things on the map rather than kills or damage. You know, rewarding players for playing the game.

That being said, this recording starts out on Redflare’s computer with us diving for some landmarks. There was another file that had us starting on that challenge but sadly it’s coming up as corrupt.

And of course on the second match Swordagent dies nice and fast… :/

There may have been some drama regarding the treasure map that was found, hence why there’s a small bit that’s muted but they sorted it out pretty quickly as usual.

At the end though it was fun because the drama was forgotten and we were all cheering for Newbie. She was so cutely nervous because of being down to the last few. I wish the recording wasn’t off-center so we could see how many people were still left at this point. To quote myself: “I love how we’re vicariously living through her now.”

I wonder what those teams would think if they knew an eight year old had given them a run for their money.


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