WoW – Following Fel to the Heart

I think I’d originally intended to stream/record leveling my warlock Fel. I mean, he’s not yet 120 so I probably still could I suppose.

Say what you will for BFA, while it’s not super amazing game system wise I’ve really enjoyed the story.

So why record going through this on a second character when I’ve already gone through it all? I guess because going through it a second time I’m able to think on it more. Look at it with less wonder and excitement.

The thing is, I’m still having fun, and I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t a good expansion.

I’m also able to go back and poke things that I might not have otherwise poked or prodded. While I in no way rushed to 120 on my first capped character of BFA I didn’t go slowly either. A nice even pace.

With Fel I can take all the time (or rush) as much as I want.

When recording WoW in the future though, I think I need to reconsider how I do it. The Mac doesn’t capture the game sound well, and that’s unfortunate.

I did purposefully speed up some sections though.


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