OW – Arcade – Lagging Heroes

Don’t mind me, just having loading issues quite clearly at the start of this match. My teammates probably thought I was some drunk running around at first.

Our Internet had just recently been upgraded at this point I think, so it was a bit of a rude surprise that things weren’t loading faster.

I do fully blame my connection and the fact that, as I say in the video, I haven’t restarted the computer in a while on the bad loading here. Things did improve lightly, but not by much.

Why did I even keep this video? Because there is a lesson here for anybody who comes by and wonders about who I am at times when things don’t go smoothly. On why I joined the NTG group in the first place.

The video itself is skippable if you so desire, but I chose to leave it out here for full transparency of me.

Now, with that being said, you can tell in the last couple minutes things do seem to equalize, but I still restart my computer after this.


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