WoW – Fel-ing Lordaeron (Condensed)

I’ve done this once before, for both factions, so we’ll probably speed some things up and clip things out, mostly I wanted to follow my Warlock through after the initial launch event to see how it is when it’s no longer such prime content (that, and get the xp from it.) The original video was still 30 minutes so it doesn’t feel to me like I’ve lost much time for doing it later.

That, and at the time I recorded this around August 20 I thought maybe, now that my Internet was getting upgraded, I’d start streaming a bit more and Fel would become my streaming Alliance character.

Yeah, obviously that panned out. :p

Of course, at the time of me writing this, Fel is barely into Drustvar, so maybe it’s still possible. Right now I’m working on my Horde mage though so I can get them to 120 and unlock the BFA allied races.

I do need to see if all the xp I got here was because I was an affliction warlock and tossing dots left and right or if a another class would also benefit from the run. Probably wouldn’t record it again though. Especially since my mac didn’t seem to like recording and playing at the same time… if you’re seeing frame drops, I was seeing that while playing it too.

At the end you can even see me hit the loading wall before I close out.


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