WoW – Alliance PoV – Battle for Lordaeron

It’s strange looking at my druid now that I’ve been playing a paladin for all of BFA. That druid was my main the entire time I played WoW. I went for a human paladin this time around for the rep boosts so I could get Allied races just a wee bit faster.

Going in with me Alliance side is my wife Redflare on her druid, son Superman on his rogue and son Swordagent on his warrior. Oh, and Thunderer cheering ‘For the Alliance!’ in the background.

Oddly this video is about ten minutes less than the Horde version. I guess we do start out right outside so the fighting through the Undercity portion is missing. This one is slightly longer than normal but I couldn’t find a good spot to cut it compared to the Horde version.

It was nice being in this scenario as a group of four yet at the same time, I barely noticed that we were a group of four once things started rolling.


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