No Man’s Sky – Introductions to the Neighborhood

Don’t mind me, we’ll start out with me getting turned around again on a freighter.

Seems the captain wants to talk to me about something?

Well, if I’ve been given a freighter I guess my next immediate mission is creating this command room, time to go farm some asteroids!

Halfway through the video, and when I’m almost done mining the asteroids, some more hostiles show up in the system. I thought I should try and make a run for it, but my freighter was being rude.

With no enemies to fight after some searching, I thought maybe the starbase could provide refuge until the non-existent hostiles finally left. May as well check in on the new starbase of this new system anyway, right?

After jumping through the wormhole that I had no idea would take me back to the GEK station I decided to close out the video there. The save file actually ends with me back on my freighter trying to figure out how to put down the room I was gathering resources for in the first place, so that’s where we’ll leave off for next time.


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