No Man’s Sky – Fighting Space

That’s the weird thing about doing these in pieces, sometimes the cuts are natural and sometimes they aren’t.

Fortunately the transition between this time was pretty natural. Go to space, fade out, still in space, just now mining some asteroids figuring out the whole new NEXT resource system.

All the while, the objective pop-up keeps saying, ‘okay dude, stop shooting at things and please go do this next step’… which is kind of funny. I mean, how am I supposed to charge my tech without shooting at space rocks?

And then about five minutes in I go and shoot at something I shouldn’t have… oops.

It flashes red, it sounds angry, but otherwise it doesn’t do anything which I find really weird. Guess it’s time to learn NMS space combat!

To wrap things up, I finally found that darn space anomaly that they were trying to send me out to in the first place.

This piece didn’t actually require a lot of cuts, I guess because after the space mining I’m accosted by whatever that was and then make my landing to manage inventory lightly before exploring whatever it is that I just landed inside.


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