Mega Man (Steam)

Good lord… why the crap is the game so loud compared to everything else? Run! Flee!

Seriously though, turn down the volume on this one, trust me.

I think the only reason to keep this is for the random Thunderer cameo on the camera. I guess at least the sound sync issues have finally been patched out?

Though it’s clear this is not a game I played in my youth.

The Mega Man X series compared to this is so night and day. This feels awkward, unresponsive and punishing. Maybe if I’d played it back in the day I would have liked it, but something tells me the reason I didn’t ever get hooked on the original series was very much due to these kinds of things.

Though yes, I’d totally have “cheated” and used a turbo controller back in the day, so at least that is true to form, though I find it funny that they clearly also built in a ‘turbo protection’. You can hear it around the five minute mark.

I totally blame an update to for the louder volume though. I bet they defaulted to original settings and I didn’t notice.

This is one of the rare times I tried to record a game during the afternoon, clearly.

Rather than continuing to struggle through the memorization and patterns, let’s skip ahead… and then be mocked by the fact that I finally got to cut man with no lives left.

I mean, maybe editing wise I should have pulled the second half where I flow through much easier (after the game over) but I really wanted to Cut (yes I did that on purpose) to the chase.

Hey, it only took me about 20 minutes (aren’t you glad I edited it down to half that?) to get through a Mega Man level. Not too bad for somebody who can’t recall ever touching the game before.


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