Fortnite – Fatal Landings

Lets start with out of sync sound and a very quick duo match in Fatal Fields.

Can’t really argue much with the guy with the gun when all your team has is a pickaxe.

Greasy Grove prove to not be much better.

Of course, the last match on this video, we manage to survive quite a while, even built a little base that we then had to abandon because we didn’t run into anybody and the circle shrank. At least we also had a “base bomb” so we were able to spring back into a fort once we got to the next circle.

It didn’t last long…

For some reason I had two copies of the end of the match, so I switched to the different video at the end.

“Go hide in that house!” says Swordagent…

Famous last words for me as I got caught in the crossfire of the other last two teams.


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