No Man’s Sky – Following Breadcrumbs

After that lengthy stop on the space station let’s go find the next spot we’re supposed to go to!

So this is a “high security planet” I guess? I’m glad I’m only here for the quest. I’m not really sure what’s going on with this planet, or the monolith, but alrighty, let’s scan some things and then get out of here. At least I got a free warp cell out of the deal.

Have I mentioned in a while how much I really dislike the star map? I wasn’t too interested in meeting another alien race, hence why I floundered on the map for so long before finally deciding to head to a Gek controlled system.

After arriving I got quickly distracted with an abandoned building that I picked up on my scans.

Speaking of scans, let’s do that once we land. Scan all the things!


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