OW – Season 8 – Ranked Run 7

Behold, another attempt at raising my rank via solo runs. I should know better by now shouldn’t I? I mean, it was solo running that got me this low in the first place.

Guess we’ll see how this round goes.

Boosting the Pharah for some quick opening picks seems like it was the right move, but then everybody leaves DVa and me on the point alone…

Regrouping at the end and we seemed to work out all right.

And then as the second round starts the sound starts to desync. *sighs*

As I create this post’s draft it’s June 1 and my computer that I play Overwatch on requires reinstalling everything thanks to the Windows 1803 update. Perhaps I’ll try to find a better tool to record with since I’m starting over from nothing again.

OBS seems to like to eat too much processor which is why I haven’t been using that, but perhaps I’ll try it again.

And then our Winston jumps off a ledge as I monitor this match for issues…

At least it was near the end of the match.


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