HS – Hallucinations Brawl 3

Well, time for actual round 4 or 5… had to glance at something on the screen behind the laptop real quick at the start of the recording. At least that confirms I wear pants when I record? :p That was a pepsi in my can holder.

Yeah, this brawl annoyed me at this point. Just too many discover cards. Had to take those minions only for the fact that they were beasts. Try and get some synergy, you know?

And as I watch yet another card fizzle I’m reminded of my biggest beef of this brawl: putting cards that can fizzle in the decks! I can only hope these really crappy decks are also randomly generated and the entire point of winning the brawl was overcoming your bad position with hallucinations.

At least I got to be a jerk with my secrets?


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