No Man’s Sky – Blasting for Gold

And there’s another little jerk creature sitting right outside my ship! So of course that then angers the local drones… yes I started getting a bit twitchy about the whole angry beast thing. Remember that all of these clips are actually back to back when they were first recorded, so at this point I’m getting tired and just for the most part want to find my darn glass and get out of this system!

Once back in the air one does have to stop and appreciate the landscapes the game builds. Boy am I thankful for atmospheric flight now though. No more wandering on foot.

And then the darn resource deposit thing leads me to more gold. :/

Anybody else find it odd that gold just shows up as this pillar sticking out of the ground?

Maybe if we take a large chunk out of the gold the resource tracker will finally cooperate and lead me to some Hr though, you think?

Watching this again makes me realize that I basically spent ten minutes mining for gold. Seriously. I’m not sure what I think about that.


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