No Man’s Sky – Remote Traders

On my hunt for Hr I stumbled across some kind of remote trading device. Seemed like a great way to dump some of my excess random supplies.

It was highly tempting to just buy the Hr there but I’m a cheapskate in real life and generally extend that to to games I play too.

I probably should have bought there, would have saved me a lot of time, but I’d prefer having the satisfaction of finding the stuff on my own.

I think about now is when I realize there’s another planet that I’ve been to which actually did have that Hr stuff on it and perhaps I’d have been luck there. Of course, then I had to remember how to get to that planet.

A scan of the planet I’m at though also screams that I have Hr available to me here though. Perhaps if we searched for it from the sky.

The map on my ship indicated I’d found something of interest to land at, so I decided to check that out at least… only to be confronted by a rather rude creature again.

Time to hide in my ship until next time I think.


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