Season 5 Game 1

Trying something new this time around and actually attempting to record my “progress” through the competitive season.

I know I’m a bit behind in actually joining the season, so first stop are my qualifier matches.

Behold game 1 in all its… glory?

I’d stream, but it just doesn’t work out for me and bandwidth levels, so I record instead.

Hey FlameFlash, where the heck are you? I’m sitting on the floor in my basement. Behind me is a stack of pillows and the door to our laundry room.

Why are you in the basement?

Because it’s freaking hot upstairs and TJ is set up at the laptop he uses so we can communicate in the same room without need of teamspeak or anything.

Due to the lousy upload speeds there will be a delay in when I actually get these up versus when they happen too. I believe this one was about a week ago, for instance.


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