Transmogrifying for Legion

This weekend it was time to finally start transmogrifying using the new tools of the 7.0 patch.

Blue Recluse podcast (great guys, if you listen to podcasts I recommend adding them to your list for everything Blizzard) asked a while ago about how the new feature was being used.

This is my response.

The first use of the system was announced on twitter so that Redflare and I could match on our Mage/Priest Legion leveling pair.

So what about my other characters?

Consulting with Redflare and Little Miss I’m quite pleased with the results found for my level 100s.

If anybody is curious about the pieces used for their outfits, let me know. I’m also including their armory names/servers so that you can look them up too (US servers).

First, my horde frost mage Tholine of Argent Dawn. We named this outfit “Snow Queen”.


The rest of these characters can be found on Zangarmarsh.

Moonstrider was the greatest challenge. I simply don’t have that many mail armor pieces right now. Regardless of that, I think he came out ready to stalk the woods at night on patrol.


Irethorn, in her frost spec, approaches next. I really appreciate the ability to hide the shoulders now.


Molani suffered almost the same problem as Moonstrider due to the mail armor, but she looked a lot better in all the options.


Fel was a lot of fun working with Little Miss to create. For some reason I had some very entertaining off hand items. We finally went with the stick of dynamite because it fit better with his engineering profession.


I’ve always felt Fel was an engineer first, warlock second.

Finally came Aniendha the druid.

She was naturally the one with the most options due to being my oldest character who I’ve quested with the most.


I could almost call Aniendha my main, if I believed that we could be shoehorned into “mains” and “alts” in WoW as easily as the developers think we can.

I feel I have a strong connection with all of my characters for different reasons and ways. Naming one as my main simply isn’t accurate. Is there one I’ve played on more if we look at “/played”? Sure, but that’s going to be the case for everybody.

It was an expensive process, but I really like what came from consulting Redflare and Little Miss. I certainly can’t take full credit for these awesome outfits.


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