First Overwatch Highlights (PC)

With Redflare’s computer now having a new graphics card I can play Overwatch on her computer.

To celebrate, I was able to set up OBS and capture my two favorite highlights from playing last night.

I’ve described myself as looking like an angry drunk as Reinhardt. I think this proves it.

“There he goes again, just swinging his giant hammer around angrily hitting people.”

My Lucio highlight is slightly more finessed.

The control maps are probably my least favorite map type, however in this situation the random team seemed to perform really well.

As a heavily tank/support player I’m a fan of D.Va with a good healer behind her, and the teamup works quite well in this situation if I do say so myself. 😉

*Insert clutch overtime success hoots of joy here*

Will I post a lot of just Overwatch videos? Probably not. The ones I capture and share will need narration. It’s silly to expect folks to watch them just because. These are simply my first two with me actually playing rather than TJ.


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