Legion Maining and Crafting

So I’ve seen some talk about folks either sticking with their current main in Legion or switching. We are getting a new class after all.

Then there’s the question of professions as well.

I feel like my Legion leveling plan is unique so I thought I’d share it.

All classes are alliance unless otherwise noted.

  • Druid
    • Guardian Main spec
    • Resto offspec
    • Leatherworker/Skinner
    • Paired with wife’s resto druid
  • Mage
    • Fire spec
    • Tailoring/Enchanting
    • Paired with wife’s holy priest
  • Warlock
    • Not sure on spec yet
    • Goblin Engineering/Mining
    • Solo
  • Death Knight
    • Frost main spec
    • Blood offspec
    • Skinning/Herbing
    • Paired with daughter’s retribution paladin
  • Shaman
    • Elemental main spec
    • Resto offspec
    • Alchemy/Herbing
    • Paired with older son’s fury warrior
  • Warrior (Legion 100 boost goes here)
    • Fury main spec
    • Prot offspec
    • Gnome Engineering/Mining
    • Paired with younger son’s rogue (spec undecided)
  • Hunter
    • Beastmaster spec
    • Skinning/Herbing
    • Solo
  • Horde Mage
    • Frost spec
    • Tailoring/Enchanting
    • Solo
  • Demon Hunter
    • Tank Spec
    • Unknown professions (likely skinning/mining)
    • Grouped with family through opening DH scenario, then solo
  • Horde Demon Hunter
    • DPS spec
    • Unknown professions (likely skinning/leatherworking)
    • Solo

I will likely go and see the other specs for the lore, but I will not focus on leveling their artifact weapons heavily unless I find a sudden love for more than one spec for some of these classes.

But FlameFlash, you say, what about world quests and artifact power and whatnot?

Well, given how Legion does professions each of my classes will need to be out in the world a bit more. I also have a family who plays, so there’s 4/5 of my mythic team right there account wise as long as we all make it to 110 nicely.

I need to also level these characters in a more balanced way because tailoring, for instance, will feed both wife’s priest and my warlock with gear, thus they need to be leveled to continue to use said gear.

The same is true for my druid and hunter.

I too see the profession gaps, and they’re intentional. I also have a leveling trio that is still in Wrath content where my blacksmith/miner is (paired with daughter’s death knight and wife’s warlock). I also have a jewelcrafter/miner rogue in Wrath content paired with my wife’s paladin.

Finally I have a solo priest that is currently locked at 80 with inscription/herbing. (Huzzah getting the Herald title!)

Due to all the changes coming to inscription in Legion this is the character that might stay frozen to help future herald runners or else I could at least transfer inscription to a different alt without losing out on much. The Death Knight is the most likely character to get a different profession if that’s the case since herbing is already capped.

Why keep at least one double gatherer? Because they’ll have a lot of bloods on them and I can use said bloods at the obliterium forge to benefit my other alts.

The alt crafting network prospects is still alive and well, you just need to approach it differently.

So that order above is likely how I’ll level my characters. Pair up with a family member when one is available and go to the first listed solo character not at level cap when they aren’t.

In previous expansions I’ve leveled my druid first and then spent solo game time just on that “main”. With how professions and the open world are this time around, that’s not my plan. I also don’t want to end up where I was at Mists with a couple of my previously level capped characters struggling to actually be at level cap.

I see Legion as offering that same struggle to me because there will be much more to do at level cap, so this time I’m leveling first, world questing second.

This isn’t a race though, so it’s a matter of what’s fun or I’m in the mood for at the time too. Final Fantasy 15 will be coming out this fall, and there’s still Overwatch, so my limited gaming time will have contenders to eat my time.


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