On Legion’s Approach

They’re coming.

Now that we have a deadline, what are your pre-Legion goals?

Mine are:

  • to continue to take advantage of the gold that garrisons offer until time runs out
  • to take advantage of the pet menagerie until it gets nerfed
  • keep leveling
  • play more of my backlog

Now that last one might seem surprising, but there’s going to be a garrison nerf that hits in patch 7.0, prior to Legion actually hitting, that is going to remove the viability of logging in constantly for garrisons.

When that happens I’ll only have the last two items on the list, and will actually try to time it so my time runs out shortly after the 7.0 patch.


Because after I adjust my characters from the Legion changes there will be less for me to do until it actually hits and that window will be the perfect time for me to do things like finally finish Final Fantasy 13.

What’s everyone else’s pre-Legion patch plans? Similar? Totally different? Going for some of those “Fabulous” achievements perhaps?

I know I’m not doing that last one because I’ve barely been sold on the transmog system as it stands. I might pursue it purely for the achievement ticks, but that can be more easily done once Legion hits and I have the achievement trackers and know how much impact the retroactive quests will grant me.

There’s a lot left to do in game, and even after 7.0 would be a great time to go leveling even more alts. After all, the only way to see the full Legion story is going to be to have at least one representative from every class.


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Your thoughts?

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